Script adapted from the 17 point PTSD Symptom Scale Interview (Foa, Riggs, Dancu & Rothbaum, 1993) with voice over by Kristy Duncan.

Images feature aircraft at Shannon Airport, in Ireland used to transport US millitary personnel.
Images date from 07.10.01 to 08.10.13 sourced from Irish-based aviation photo website

Permissions sought: 117 images / 20 photographers
Permissions granted: 7 photographers / 42 images
Permissions denied: 6 photographers / 37 images 

With thanks to all photographers.

The poster was developed through participation in Think Tank: Troubling Ireland in 2010-11 led by curatorial collective Kuratorisk Aktion and commissioned by the Fire Station Artists’ Studios in Dublin. Further work developed by the artists was presented at Upending, an exhibition in 2013 at Limerick City Gallery of Art. 

*In 2010, half of the world’s top ten blockbuster drugs were manufactured in Ireland (rated by global sales revenue figures as published in Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, New York, May 2010).