The Rocking Horse (1956-BG)

The Pipe-bomb & the Doorknob Grenade (1924-DP/1923-BH)

The Bar Mitzvah Light Sabre (1997-MZ)

The LIFE Magazine (1968-SJ)

The Napoleon Biographies (1962-BG)

The Carbon Microphone (1966-SJ)

The Deconstructed Crib (1966-JB)

The Glider (1937-DP)

Exhibited at:

The Special Relationship, Kennedy Browne at Krannert Art Museum, Illinois, U.S.A., 2018

Silence. Darkness, Tallinn Kunsthoone, Estonia, 2016

Kennedy Browne at Wilfried Lentz Gallery, solo exhibition, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2013

Liquid Assets, Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz, Austria, 2013